4 Clothing Pieces Every Woman Must Own

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Shopping & Fashion

In your closet, there are a few clothing pieces you should own. Staple pieces are those that are timeless, classic and help you put together an outfit within a moment’s notice. When you are shopping for these staple closet pieces, consider heading over to Chicago Clothing Boutiques where you are likely to find an array of choices.

Here are four clothing pieces that every woman should own.

Perfect Pain of Jeans

Although the popularity of jeans may rise and fall, they never truly go out of style. They also continue to evolve. The 70s saw them flare and bell-bottom while the current decade has seen them go ultra-skinny. Whatever the latest trend may be, you should own at least one pair of perfect jeans for you. You will know that you found them because they will not fall under the latest fad, and they will flatter your shape. Additionally, you will be happy to wear them.


Whether you are a career woman or a stay at home mom, in your closet, there should be at least one blazer. This blazer will fit you like a glove and it will be manufactured from durable material. While this means that it may be more high-priced, it is a piece that serves multiple purposes. Paired with slacks, it is professional. You can also pair it with jeans for a night out, and it doubles as a light cover up when the cooler temperatures arrive.

Ballet Flats

You may own several pairs of shoes. Within that shoe collection should be a pair of ballet flats. Flats can be worn with skirts, dresses and jeans. Plus, they are comfortable.

Shopping for clothing is fun. When you shop at Chicago Clothing Boutiques Oak Street Chicago, you will have fun and find those closet staple pieces.

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