How Sand Blasting in New Haven Can Create an Elegant Headstone

by | Jan 16, 2019 | Monument

Remembering a loved one is something that stays with a person throughout the remainder of their life. Placing a personalized marker on a grave is the most common way to commemorate the person for years on end. This professionalization is accomplished through the process of sand blasting in New Haven, a service that uses high-pressure air to engrave the stone. Creating everything from ornate motifs to 3D sculptures, monument specialists in Connecticut can produce a fitting memorial using this technique.

A Versatile Carving Method

The sandblasting process is a unique way to personalize and beautify a granite grave marker. This technique is very versatile and presents clients with a variety of ornamental options as well as font styles that can be applied. This may include flowers, inspirational quotes, religious iconography and psalms, poems, or distinctive phrases and symbols.

After all the attributes are selected and laid out, a precise stencil is made and positioned onto a blank, polished stone. A high-pressure blast of air mixed aluminum oxide is then sprayed across the stencil in numerous swipes until the desired depth is reached. The finished product is accented by the contrast of color between the polished surface and inscribed design.

Making the Decisions Easier

As carving and sandblasting technology have improved over the years, people have been given newer and more affordable options to help them create exceedingly personalized monuments. Although the cost of a headstone is still something that should be planned for, companies like Shelley Brothers Monuments work diligently with each customer to ensure that they receive everything desired when they request a quote. From the size and color of the stone to the precise text and ornamentation that will be applied, these professionals will guide their clients through every decision during this tough emotional time.

Ensuring a Respectful Product

When it comes to selecting the designs and text to go on the marker, most people are nervous that their choices will look tacky. Monument creators understand this dilemma and help guide the purchaser through the design process, presenting all options that tastefully reflect the life of the deceased. These experts can then use a program to show the client a mock-up of what the stone will look like after undergoing Sand Blasting in New Haven, providing the perfect opportunity for the bereaved to make any edits that they feel necessary.

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