4 Reasons to Hire a Social Security Benefits Lawyer in Minooka

by | Jun 28, 2021 | Lawyers & Law Firms

Disabled individuals who find it difficult to work because they suffer from a mental or physical condition often find financial help by applying for Social Security disability benefits. However, many qualified applicants are denied disability payments because their application wasn’t filled out correctly or was missing important information. People interested in applying for SSD benefits should consider hiring a Social Security benefits lawyer in Minooka for these four very important reasons.

Increase the Chances of Getting Approved

Hiring a Social Security lawyer to help with the application process is one of the best choices a person can make. These attorneys specialize in SSDI benefits and know the process inside and out. They make sure every bit of information is included in the initial application to make the strongest case from the very beginning.

Assist with the Appeals Process

When a person is denied SSD benefits, they have the right to appeal. The appeals process is much more complicated than the initial application process. It involves hearings and testimony, so representing oneself during this process isn’t advised.

Medical Expert Testimony

During the appeal process, at one’s hearing, medical experts often testify and give their professional opinions about the applicant’s ability to work based on their condition. Lawyers know the right way to ask questions to get the answers that benefit their clients.

Payment Is Taken Out of the Settlement

Many people don’t hire a Social Security benefits lawyer in Minooka because they don’t have the money to pay upfront. Fortunately, SSDI lawyers don’t take money upfront. They get paid when their clients are paid.


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