Adult Day Health Care Centers: What They Are And Benefits

by | Jan 27, 2020 | Senior Care

In the morning, you might remind your elderly loved one to take her medication or enjoy his day. When you arrive at work, you start to feel a little sad and worried about leaving this person alone at home. You think about the last time she forgot to eat a meal because no one was there to wake her up from her afternoon nap, or that time you came home late to find him struggling to cook.

Today, we will talk about what adult day health care centers are and how they can benefit an entire family.

Adult Day Health Care Centers

Adult day health care centers are places for seniors to socialize, exercise, receive personal care, and more. Unlike nursing homes, adult day centers are to be utilized during the day. This means that your elderly loved one will still live at home with you, but enjoy daily activities with professional staff and like-minded friends.


Rather than worry about your loved one once you leave for work, an adult day health care center will benefit both of you. Not only can you put your mind at ease knowing he/she is being taken care of, but you’ll rest easy knowing he/she can socialize, exercise, and get proper nutrition during the day. In fact, research suggests that this healthier lifestyle of social and physical activity can help to slow the progress of degenerative cognitive diseases such as dementia.

Bergen County, New Jersey

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