Advantages of Having a Diagnostic Ultrasound for Musculoskeletal Issues

by | Mar 2, 2021 | Health & Medical

The benefits of having a premium quality diagnostic ultrasound on hand can be a key portion of your specific medical practice capabilities and your ability to diagnose and treat certain health conditions in a timely manner. Along with being useful for maternity wards and obstetric practices, there are advantages of having a top-notch diagnostic ultrasound for musculoskeletal issues as well.

Therapeutic Ultrasound Is Used in Physical Therapy Settings

Many physical therapists rely on advanced diagnostic ultrasound for musculoskeletal problems that their patients often struggle with. This can include arthritis, joint pain, tendon problems, Achilles tears and other health conditions that impact the overall musculoskeletal system. Physical therapists also are using ultrasound to treat deep muscle stiffness and pain and to promote the body’s natural healing process by increasing blood flow to the affected area thought to promote tissue healing.

Some Benefits to Having a Newer Ultrasound Machine

Physical therapists, medical doctors and sports medicine professionals have been taking advantage of the fast diagnostic ability that ultrasound machines can give for decades now. However, the older machines tend to be large, bulky and may not have good picture clarity. The newer models boast clearer and crisp images that give more details about what may be causing the patient’s musculoskeletal discomforts and problems. The new machine models are also sleeker in design and take up less room.

Choose from New, Used or Rental Ultrasound Machines

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