Adventurous and Safe Single and Multi-Rider Towable Floats

by | Jul 20, 2021 | Sports

Watersports tubes are inflatable floats for pools, rivers, lakes and even the beach. A towable tube for pulling behind a boat is one of these designs that can come as a single-person float for spinning along solo, 2 person towable tubes for boating or even eight or ten-person, inline banana boats on towable tube ropes for summer camps or resorts.

Towables of All Kinds

Towable floats come in all kinds of different safe and easy-to-use sizes and inventive shapes.

Towable tubes run from 1 person tubes, including starter kits, spinnable designs for trick towing, racers, pontoon riders, grabbable wakeboards and diamond-shaped stand-ups, to 2 person towable tubes for boating, including a Big Shark, wake-board thrillers, a coupe and a Double Ducky.

Towable floats also come 3 and 4 person designs, like the double-deck Big Al with secure seating, the Giant Thriller and Giant Bubba, and can even go on up to the 6,8 and 10 person inline banana boats.

Whether it’s a rider taking a spin alone in a tube or a get-together on a floatable while being towed behind the boat, towable tubes implement innovative designs and safety features for maximizing fun on the water.

Safe and Innovative Towable Floats

Founded in 2010 by industry innovator, Leroy Peterson, WOW Watersports now has an extensive inventory of float tubes and boat towables for just kicking back and drifting or for going to the lake or the beach. The company also has the accessories needed to make the most out of an adventure, including quick connectors, towable tube ropes and pumps.

To find the perfect towable or floating tube for having fun on the water in an adventurous and safe way, contact the innovators at 1-844-WOW-9063 (969-9063) or on the website today.

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