After the Storm : How Will a Professional Handle Stump Grinding in Peachtree City GA?

by | Mar 23, 2021 | Tree Service

After a severe storm, it’s possible that some of the trees will need to be removed. This usually involves getting rid of broken branches and cutting down what’s left. Once all the debris is hauled away, the next problem is dealing with the stumps. An expert in stump grinding can provide a solution that’s simple and more cost effective.

Here are some of the factors a professional will consider before starting the project.

Hauling in Equipment

While the equipment used to manage the stump grinding in Peachtree City GA is considerably lighter than equipment used for other landscaping purposes, it still makes sense to ensure the vehicle transporting the necessary resources can get as close to the stumps as possible. That means assessing the ability of the saturated ground to support the vehicle’s weight. It may be necessary to allow a couple of days for the ground to dry out first. Once the professional determines it’s safe to haul in the equipment, the job can get underway.

Taking Proper Safety Measures

A major part of the safety strategy involves making sure people and pets are kept at a safe distance. The team taking care of the stump grinding will have protective gear that’s designed to keep them safe. By making sure curious customers and the family pets remain far away enough to not be injured if the grinding equipment comes in contact with a knot in the stump, everyone will remain happy and healthy.

What to do With the Shavings

Some property owners can put the chips to good use. When that’s the case, the professional will leave them in piles or in containers provided by the client. Should the property owner have no use for the chips, the professional will ensure they are collected and removed from the property. It pays to determine which approach is best before the job gets underway.

Never attempt to deal with stumps without professional help. Once the details are settled, the homeowner can be sure the stumps will soon be history.

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