Aging Pet Care

by | Feb 19, 2019 | Pets

When you have an older pet, you must take it to a veterinarian’s office frequently for examinations and treatments. Dogs and cats begin to have health issues from the aging process. If you love your pet, then you will want to give it the best care so that the animal will live longer and have less pain. Pets develop medical conditions such as arthritis, kidney disease and cancer in ways that are similar to how people are affected by these conditions. However, cats and dogs can’t tell you about the pain from a health problem, and in many cases, you may not notice a problem until an illness has progressed to a dangerous level.

Watch for Problems

With routine examinations from a veterinarian in Logan Square, Ill., it is possible to find medical issues at an earlier stage. This can make it easier for an animal to have a treatment or surgery to eliminate pain or to prolong life. Between the pet’s examinations, you can watch for the signs of health problems in pets, including failing to eat or hiding from everyone. Your beloved pet may seem fatigued, or the animal may behave strangely.

Schedule a Veterinarian Appointment with Us

Learn how to watch your pet for any signs of illness, and also, inspect an animal’s body for problems. It is essential to check your pet’s skin for tumors or a bloated abdomen. In addition, keep track of your pet’s urination habits, and you should also make sure that your dog or cat is defecating normally without any signs of parasites or bleeding. If your pet is dizzy or has respiratory distress, then the animal needs immediate care from a veterinarian in Logan Square. Contact Village West Veterinary today at our website located at

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