An Unorthodox Lifestyle: Couples Sharing an Apartment by Towson University

by | May 16, 2022 | Student Housing Center

Although it’s a somewhat unorthodox living arrangement, more married couples are sharing their home with a roommate or two than has been true in the past. Typically, they do so to keep expenses lower, and the roommate’s rent payment might help them make mortgage payments. Another possibility is for two married couples to share off campus housing for Towson University students. If they get along well, this can be a satisfactory arrangement while some or all of them complete a degree.

Square Footage Considerations

A two-bedroom apartment in off campus housing for Towson University students could be a tad small for four individuals. They might spring for a place with three or four bedrooms instead. The four people will definitely want at least two full bathrooms, if not more.

With more bedrooms, the extra square footage makes the apartment feel less crowded. Their bedrooms don’t have to be next to each other or directly across the hall. The additional space could be used as a study area or computer room. An extra bedroom also could serve as a guest room.


Along with saving money, it can be fun for two couples who are good friends to live together. They also have the convenience of sharing housekeeping tasks. Some appreciate the living arrangement so much they continue on together for several years. Their lives are enriched by the friendship and companionship of another couple with similar interests.

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