Can Chiropractic Care in Charlotte, NC, Help with Tech Neck?

by | Aug 25, 2022 | Chiropractor

Tablets and smartphones have increasingly merged into our daily lives. Many kids message buddies and play the newest games for hours each day. Frequently, they do so while thrusting their necks forward, hunching their shoulders, and holding the phone up in front of their eyes. According to recent studies, this uncomfortable posture might cause “Tech Neck,” a painful ailment that many treat through chiropractic care in Charlotte NC.

What Does Tech Neck Look Like?

A startling study was just published in the journal Scientific Reports, which indicated that children who spent a significant amount of time using electronic devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, developed a ‘horn’ on the back of their heads.

When the chin is tucked in and the head is tilted forward, continual pressure is imposed on the back of the head, called the occiput. This severe form of Tech Neck is thought to be produced by this pressure. Applying excessive stress can lead to calcification of the soft tissue, which can give the appearance of a “horn” coming out of the back of the head.

How to Treat Tech Neck

Spending time on your preferred technology does not immediately cause you to develop horns or require chiropractic care in Charlotte, NC. It does, however, provide a concrete illustration of how and why it’s important to use mobile devices with good posture and stance. One of the greatest (and simplest) methods to stop the negative behaviors that might cause Tech Neck in youngsters is encouraging them to take a break and stretch.

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