Chris Dixon of Oxford Advisory Group Recommends These Key Components for Retirement Planning

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Financial Services

Many working adults look forward to their retirement years when they can stop working and enjoy life the way they want. However, achieving the retirement you want means planning and saving carefully to fund your expectations. There are specific components you should consider when establishing your retirement plan.

Growth Potential

While nothing is ever guaranteed in the investment business, it’s essential to learn how to mitigate your risks and choose options with the best growth potential. Chris Dixon of Oxford Advisory Group recommends getting professional advice before you make any investment decisions. Working with a professional who has plenty of experience in the field will help you identify investments with high growth potential, protecting your future assets.

Access and Control

No one wants to lose access to their funds, even if they are earmarked for future use. Working with financial advisors like Chris Dixon & Samuel Dixon doesn’t mean you give up control and access to your money. Instead, financial advisors are available to advise you before you decide to mitigate your risks and help you make more informed choices. You still maintain control of your money and can access it whenever you need it.

Tax Efficiencies

Tax consequences can significantly dent your retirement savings if you aren’t careful about how you invest. Chris Dixon of Oxford Advisory Group suggests individuals should work with a certified financial advisor to ensure they can avoid any unnecessary or unexpected tax consequences, either while building up their retirement or while accessing the funds after retirement. The adage that nothing is certain, but death and taxes holds true, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a large portion of your retirement income to the government if you plan carefully.

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