Commercial Exhaust Fans and Other HVAC Units in New York City

by | Feb 3, 2022 | exhaust fans

Meeting Industrial Air Quality Standards

A typical industrial facility in the United States of America must meet minimum requirements for air quality as mandated by the federal and state governments. You could install commercial roof exhaust fans to remove any airborne toxins from all indoor settings at your business. Poor air circulation inside a building can lead to excessive accumulation of combustible particles, which significantly increase the risk of fires. The latest commercial roof exhaust fans are highly recommended for any business that has ovens, boilers, burners and other appliances that release large amounts of smoke and other emissions. Restaurants could greatly benefit from having powerful fans and other exhaust systems for maintaining a safe environment for all workers and patrons. The kitchen of your restaurant should have multiple inlets that operate at the proper flow rates. You could also add filters to eliminate any unpleasant odors from the kitchen at your dining establishment.

HVAC Installation and Maintenance

A professional HVAC company in the New York City metro area could properly install, service and maintain commercial roof exhaust fans. Such a provider will employ experienced technicians who understand the local regulations and codes on air quality and fire safety. Based on the gross indoor area of your business, you will receive recommendations on the most appropriate exhaust system. There is usually a minimum air flow rate that’s recommended for specific square footage of a commercial property. Additionally, the electrical network at your building will be modified for optimum operation of the exhaust fans.

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