Dental Problems that Can be Solved by Getting one Day Crowns in Augusta GA

by | Aug 20, 2021 | Dental Care

Dental health should be a priority for every person. Unfortunately, the number of people suffering from problems such as cavities, tooth sensitivity, tooth decay and gingivitis is higher than you might think. To protect yourself from becoming part of the worrying statistics on tooth loss, you need to get a reliable dentist working for you. Here are some of the common dental health issues and how they can be improved by getting one day crowns in Augusta GA.

Tooth fractures

Fractures occur when a tooth that is weak is subjected to too much pressure and as a result it forms cracks. Fractures can be very painful and need immediate medical attention. Ignoring a fracture in the tooth leaves cracks that bacteria could use to gain access to the inner parts of the tooth causing decay. However, when you get immediate dental attention, the dentist will look at the extent of the fracture and see if a root canal is needed. When the process is carried out, they will install a crown and protect the tooth from further damage.

Chipped teeth

Teeth that have already been weakened by the presence of cavities, chip when they are subjected to biting hard objects. When this happens, the tooth becomes even more weak and susceptible to decay. These are problems that can be solved by simply getting the help of a dentist. They will have a look at the extent of the chipping and make you crowns that will protect the tooth from further damage.


Cavities normally start as excessive tooth sensitivity, especially when the tooth is subjected to extreme temperatures. When the problem is left unattended to, the cavities will affect the pulp cavity and bacteria will eat away at tissues of the tooth leading to decay. This will ultimately lead to tooth loss. However, a competent dentist will know the signs of cavities and decay. If needed, they will have a root canal procedure done and give you one day crowns in Augusta GA to protect the tooth from further damage.

These are all instances in which it would be wise to think about getting one Day crowns in Augusta GA.

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