Determining if the Student Housing near Campus is a Good Fit for You

by | Apr 12, 2024 | Student Housing Center

As you prepare to enroll for the next school year, you might contemplate where you will live and what kind of housing is the best option for you. You may no longer find the dorms to be an ideal solution for your maturing lifestyle.

Instead, you may consider moving into your own apartment this coming year. You can decide if an option like the student housing near Cal State Fullerton is right for you by reviewing some basic information first.


One of the main factors you may need to consider is how much the apartments cost to lease every month. Compared to the dorms, they may fit your budget easier because you may not have to pay for a semester’s meal plan when you live there.

The absence of a meal plan can break your monthly rent to lower than what you paid to live in the dorms. You may decide it is worth the transition into your own apartment because you can save more money.


Further, you may get a higher level of privacy when you live in your own apartment. This benefit comes in useful if you have a significant other and want to spend time with that person without other students making noise or invading your room.

You can find out more about the student housing near Cal State Fullerton online. Contact Alight Fullerton by visiting the website for more details.

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