Does Your Dog Need to Be Seen at the Emergency Veterinarian Hospital in Ft. Meade

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Animal Hospital

A dog owner often stresses about the health of their furry friend. They want their dog to be happy, healthy, and to live a long life. When vet emergencies arise, dog owners sometimes panic. Being aware of the signs a dog needs to be seen at the Emergency Veterinarian hospital in Ft. Meade is essential for ensuring the dog’s health is protected.

Signs a Dog Needs Immediate Veterinarian Care

There are many signs that may begin to occur when a dog needs to be seen at the emergency veterinarian hospital in Ft. Meade. Some of these signs could mean a dog’s life is in danger. Prompt medical visits can help to protect a dog’s life.

  • One of the first things a dog owner may notice is changes in their dog’s eating habits. If a dog suddenly stops eating or starts eating more than normal, this could be a sign of concern. If the changes continue for more than a day, the dog should be checked by the vet.
  • Dogs that suddenly become overly thirsty also need to be seen by the doctor. This can be a sign of many health conditions, including diabetes. If the drinking has increased outside of a lack of activity or heat, a prompt visit to the vet is needed.
  • Dogs that suddenly become very lethargic could be sick. If a normally active dog suddenly wants to lay around and sleep a lot, it is important the owner seeks help from the vet to determine the cause.
  • Dog owners may notice changes in their dog’s bathroom habits. If the dog suddenly stops going to the bathroom as normal, a serious medical condition could be present. Severe diarrhea needs to be checked by a vet right away so dehydration does not occur.

Schedule an Appointment

If you have noticed any of the above with your dog, it is imperative you seek medical care right away. Protecting your dog’s health is important. Contact Gambrills Veterinary Center right away to schedule your dog’s appointment. With a full examination and testing, the vet can properly diagnose your dog and provide the highest level of treatment.

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