CBD Product

Enjoy the Benefits of Natural CBD Products

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Tinctures are such a versatile way to use in your CBD experience. They come in various concentrations as well as coming in naturally produced flavors. Be assured that all the tinctures have been tested by a third party for potency, pesticides, and heavy metal content. No artificial flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners are added, and the tinctures are gluten-free. Eyedropper tops in amber glass bottles allow UV protection and correct dosage.


The range of topicals offered is wide as well as varied. Think of using CBD sunscreen when working or playing outdoors. Don’t forget the CDB lip balm for added protection. Keep a CBD pain relief salve or lotion handy when your muscles are sore and need some aid. Did you know there is an awesome CBD soap?


Staying healthy is most folks’ concern, so adding CBD supplements to your daily routine is a brilliant idea. Hemp can help you sleep better, supply energy, and sweeten your breath when you use the variety of supplements offered. Lift your spirits and aid your body by using the natural benefits of hemp-based products grown locally.

Health and Wellness

Look no further for personal health and wellness when shopping for locally grown and extracted health products including edibles. All products are of the highest quality, well packaged, and delicious. Pet products are offered so that every family member is included. Order online and pick up the curbside or have it delivered to your door.

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