3 Tips to Help You Enjoy a Better Turkey Hunt in Pleasanton, TX

by | Nov 3, 2021 | Business

When you go turkey hunting in Pleasanton, TX, one reason for the excursion is to get away and have a great time. However, you’ll also want to come home with some wild game or you’ll feel as though the trip wasn’t a complete success. To prepare for the hunt, adopting a few new tips and tricks can help you become a more skilled hunter.

Get There Early

Ideally, you should get to your roost or position 30 minutes before the first turkey gobble is heard. This will give you the time to settle in before the hunting begins. In doing so, the wildlife that you disturbed in getting to your position will have a chance to return to their normal activities.

Bring More Than One Call

You should bring a wide selection of bird calls with you and feel free to experiment with them. Some turkeys will respond better to one call over another. Don’t be afraid to use a gobble call since this type of call is often the most effective in attracting wild turkeys.

Don’t Gobble Too Much

When turkey hunting in Pleasanton, TX, don’t use your calls too much. You want to get their attention, but you also want to entice them to come to you. Use the call once to get their attention and one or two more times to encourage them to look for you.

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