Facts about quartz countertops

by | Apr 14, 2021 | Business

It can be tough to find the right kitchen countertop given the number of different options on the market today, but for many homeowners quartz countertops have been a simple choice.

Quartz comes from one of the world’s hardest and most dependable materials, and is certainly the most durable choice available to the majority of homeowners. Quartz countertops can also be very eye-catching, coming in a wide variety of different colors, components and designs.

While quartz is a natural stone, not all components in a quartz kitchen countertop will be fully quartz, with about 10% not even actually being stone. 90% of the materials to be found in a quartz kitchen countertop will consist of granite, natural stone and crushed marble, and may even originate from recycled industrial waste such as the likes of ceramic, glass and silica.

Quartz is a very different material to quartzite, with which it is often confused. Quartz is a natural material manufactured out of granite and marble while quartzite comes from pure quartz sandstone and is a non-foliated hard metamorphic rock that is heated and pressed in a process that makes it into quartzite.

Although durable quartzite is a porous material that requires periodic maintenance so as to prevent stains, quartz is non-porous and will need very little maintenance even without sealing.

In order to choose the right look for quartz countertops, homeowners should examine their finished kitchen décor and browse through design books and magazines in order to choose the look that would best suit their home.

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