Finding and using the best real estate agent when selling

by | Dec 28, 2020 | Real Estate Services

The role of the real estate agent in the whole process of selling your home is to make the process run smooth, from helping set the right price to closing the deal. When you have Top Rated Real Estate Agent in Sarasota, and before you put them in the hands of an agent, you will be wise to establish the agent’s credibility and to make sure he is suitable for the task ahead.

When you are looking for an agent, he should compliment your personality as you will be spending time together; he needs to know your neighborhood and the buyers you will be targeting. The agent you choose will help you set the right price based on the prices of comparable homes in the area and guide you in making improvements which will enhance the probability of a quick-sale.

First, find the right agent:
* Ask friends in the area as well as family members who have recently had homes for sale in Sarasota. Find out what their experiences were, was the agent attentive, did he pursue every lead and was he good with the potential buyer. Look in the local newspaper, real estate agencies that have a number of published listings in your area are a good bet. Develop a short list of three or four and invite each one to your home for an initial meeting. Questions to include are:

* What are the agent’s credentials? The minimum is a state license but even better is if the agent belongs to the NAR, National Association of Realtors. To be a member of NAR means that the agent has taken additional training in ethics and a code of professional conduct.

* What did his sales amount to in the last year? Your agent should be very successful, although it is no guarantee of success in selling your home, it does have meaning.

* Find out where he usually works, what area of the city is he most familiar with? You will be looking for an agent who is reasonably familiar with your locality so he can market the house in the appropriate fashion.

* What is his sales plan if anything? A good agent will have a tried and tested marketing plan that he will share with you. The plan should contain information of where he will advertise and the frequency and how he will help you prepare your home for sale Sarasota.

Real estate agents normally work on a 3% commission from the person selling the house; ask if this rate is negotiable. Find out when you can expect to communicate with one another, you should be updated on progress on a daily basis.

Many homes for sale in Sarasota are listed with Premier One Realty. Although the market is difficult, the professional agents are managing to match buyers with sellers, making home ownership a reality.

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