Finding the Best Local Wedding Photographer Austin TX for Your Big Day

by | Apr 19, 2024 | Photography

One of the biggest jobs during a wedding is often the most overlooked and also one of the most abused of them all; the Local wedding photographer in Austin TX, that you hire. In order to make the big day as easy and stress free as possible while still getting those precious moments captured on film, it will take cooperation from the wedding party and the photographer. Here are some things both parties need to remember about wedding shoots:

Get out of the way

Wedding couples need and want beautiful photos to help them remember their special day, but ultimately the photographer needs to remember the day is about the couple. Make the photography a fun part of the wedding rather than a stressful and encroaching part. A good rule of thumb for photographers when they are not doing posed shots is to be invisible whenever possible. Sometimes the best shots are taken when people do not know they are being taken. This is especially true during the ceremony. Let the couple be themselves and just be there on the outside looking in as the photos are taken.

Don’t miss the details!

The smallest details can make the most stunning photos, and this is something both the wedding party and the wedding photographers need to focus on during photo time. The rings sitting on the Bible, a close up of the couple holding hands, the flowers of the bouquet, the buttons or lace on the wedding dress, and a hundred other details can all be captured and preserved in the photographs.

Make sure it is known what is included

Photographers do this for a living, so it is important not to expect them to work for free or to give away their work. Get a contract up front. Are digital files included? How many hours will the photographer work? Do you need them to shoot the reception too? Are travel fees or processing fees included? What size and number of prints are included? Will the couple want an album made for them? Provide answers and be honest upfront in order to avoid confusion and conflicts down the road as you work with your Austin wedding photographer.

Shoot landscape at the venue before the event

The couple has chosen a special venue for their big day because they like it. There is something every venue has to offer, so be sure to get shots of the scenery surrounding the wedding. Ask the photographer to show up before the guests to get some landscape shots to include in the album and to help preserve the wonder and beauty of the chosen venue. Little things can make a big difference in the end and can help complete a perfect wedding album for the couple!

The job of a Austin wedding photographer is important. With the expert skills of a reputable photographer such as Mitchell Bahr, you can have wedding photos that are out of this world!

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