Planning Your Wedding Pics With a Professional Photographer in Dallas, TX

by | Dec 18, 2023 | Photography

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You want to have pictures that allow you to remember your special day forever. The more prepared you are, the more likely you are to get the best pictures. Here are some tips on planning your wedding pictures with a professional photographer in Dallas, TX.

Schedule Your Pictures Thoughtfully

You need to fit pictures in between all of the other activities happening on your big day. You want to capture all of the big moments, while still making time to meet with all of your guests and keep them entertained.

Verify when your photographer will be on-site and arrange to take pictures the entire time.

You should also dedicate 1–2 hours specifically for pictures, including pictures with family and the wedding party.

Choose Main Photo Backdrops in Advance

When you walk the grounds of your wedding venue, look for great photo opportunities in advance. This will allow you to plan accordingly.

Create a List of Must-Have Shots

There are once-in-a-lifetime moments that will happen on your wedding day that you will never experience again, so you want to be sure to capture those moments. Create a list of moments, such as the “first look” or “cutting the cake” that you must have so that your photographer can prioritize those shots and make the proper arrangements.

Your professional photographer in Dallas, TX is there to help make your day special. Send the details about your big day to Z Luna Photography at

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