Five Benefits of Using a Temp Agency for Staffing

by | Jun 5, 2019 | Employment Services

Whether you run an office, plant or retail establishment, you occasionally need temporary workers to meet production goals or work deadlines. You may consider placing ads or hiring people who come into your place of business, you’re much better off hiring an agency to handle your temporary staffing needs.

Costs Less
The costs of hiring a temporary worker is almost as high as bringing someone in full time. You still have to run ads to find these people; then spend time interviewing them and making a selection. If these employees don’t work out, you have to start the process over again. In the long run, hiring temp services in Jacksonville FL firm will save your company money.

Save Time
If you’re a small company, your human resources manager may be busy with many other duties, such as finding medical insurance for workers or setting up special training sessions. Instead of inundating her with more recruiting responsibilities, you can hire a temp agency to help.

Get Qualified Help
Your temp services in Jacksonville FL representative will be much more effective at getting qualified applicants to your door. These professionals know how to better qualify applicants and find the right ones to meet your staffing needs. Most temporary agencies also have highly experienced people who’ve worked in the employment industry for years.

Specialized Needs
You may need to hire a temp agency that can help in specific areas, including accounts payable, IT or even marketing. Agencies who have recruited these types of workers know where to find them and get them on your payroll fast.

Use Employee on Trial Basis
Temp services in Jacksonville FL agency can help you find temporary workers who could become permanent as needed. That way you can provide trial periods for these individuals without having to incur medical expenses. Stafforce provides temp services to make hiring easier. Visit the website for more information.

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