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Getting Help with Buying or Selling Your Home in Daniel Island

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Over the past 10 years, the relatively new community of Daniel Island has been recognized for its positive developments with new homes, shops and public parks for prospective homebuyers in the Charleston area. Since it first opened for development in the 1990s, the growth has been staggering. With a pedestrian-friendly downtown, meticulously planned neighborhoods as well as a large number of small businesses and corporate offices, Daniel Island is not only on the move as a fast-growing community, but as a highly in-demand community for prospective homebuyers.

Considering the homeowners’ market, contacting Daniel Island real estate agents might be a good idea if you are either looking for a home in the area or if you are considering selling. The market has been trending onward and upward for over 10 years nationwide, even more so in new communities like Daniel Island. Depending on the style of build, general location or overall acreage, the overall home values are absolutely worth keeping an eye on. If you are a buyer, it’s best to buy as early as you can; if you are moving away from the area, the market is in your favor as a seller. To understand the local market trends better, it pays to speak to real estate professionals about your options.

If you would like to speak with Daniel Island real estate agents for buying or selling your home, or for more information, please contact Kenton Selvey Real Estate either online at or by phone at 843-806-7222.

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