Hiring A Service To Do Septic Pumping in Ferndale WA

by | May 31, 2022 | Plumbing & Plumbers

When someone purchases a new home, there will be a need to do some maintenance steps to make sure the septic system is working as it should. A septic system that is not cared for regularly can lead to unfortunate damage to the piping or pump needed to have it run properly. Here are some tasks that should be taken to ensure a septic works up to its potential.

Call A Service To Remove Existing Waste

After moving into a home, there will be a need to have the septic pumped as soon as possible. Failing to take this step could lead to a backup if the tank is full. A service that does an affordable septic pumping in Ferndale WA will be able to give the homeowner recommendations regarding how often the tank should be cleaned out. This will depend on the number of people living in the home and the size of the tank. At the time of the pumping, the tank will be inspected for any damage and repairs will be made if necessary.

Make Sure Non-Biodegradable Items Are Not Flushed

It is extremely important to think about the septic system during daily activities where water usage is conducted in the home. When flushing the toilet or using a sink, make sure no non-biodegradable items are pushed down into the piping system. This could cause a septic system to have difficulty in pushing waste to the collection area if a clog occurs. It is also best to refrain from flushing chemicals of any type as they can change the consistency of the waste in a septic tank. This would make it harder for the pump to work properly at pushing the material to the collection area, possibly causing a pipe to burst as a result.

Take The Time To Conserve Water

When excessive water usage is conducted in a home, the septic tank will fill up quicker than necessary. This will require more frequent pumpings as a result. The pump will also need to work more, making it likely it will not last as long as it possible can. Conserving water in the home can be helpful in keeping the septic in the best of condition.

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