Honor Catholic Burial Traditions With Cemetery Service in Oakland, CA

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Catholic cemetery traditions should be implemented when a loved one passes. It is a respectable way to honor their life and celebrate their religious beliefs through the burial process. Choosing a Catholic cemetery service in Oakland, CA, is the perfect way to show remembrance to your loved one.

Here are three reasons to choose CFCS cemetery services:

Families can remain within their budget.

The members understand how costly services can become. Relieve some stress and allow people who care to assist with choosing a burial service that is both affordable and memorable.

There are several burial options to choose from.

There is a mutual understanding that celebrating a person’s life means respecting their final individual wishes. Niche burials are available for families who want a customized burial ceremony. Traditional ground burial services are available for those who prefer a more customary service. Crypt burial services provide families with the option of choosing indoor spaces or outdoor garden spaces. Mausoleums and family monument estates preserve the family legacy and can be fully customized to reflect the family’s heritage.

There are several locations to choose from.

There are eleven convenient locations to choose from. Families can find a central location to congregate to make travel arrangements easier for everyone. There is an added benefit of choosing which burial ground is more appealing to share those final moments.

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. Allow an organization that genuinely cares about preserving their memory and catering to the needs of the family. Celebrate the vow of everlasting life in a sacred burial ground. Call today or visit Cathedral of Christ the Light Mausoleum website at to schedule your cemetery service in Oakland, CA.