How to Care For the Conveyor Rollers in Your U.S. Industrial Facility

by | Aug 18, 2021 | Industrial Equipment

If you manage an industrial or manufacturing facility, taking care of the equipment used in your facility will affect how efficiently your facility operates. This is also true in terms of the heavy duty conveyor rollers that you rely upon to transport your materials and products. When you follow these tips, you can extend the life of your conveyor system.

Keep Everything Lubricated

As your employees start each shift, they should check to make sure the various components of the conveyor system are lubricated. If the roller bearings, drive chain, or drive screw seem dry, it’s important to oil these parts before starting up the system. Over time, these components should collect enough oil that a lubrication seal will form, but you should still check these parts from time to time.

Inspect the Rollers in Operation

As you run your conveyor system, it’s important to watch how the rollers are functioning. In particular, look for rollers that seem wobbly, roll in the wrong direction, or don’t roll at all. If you notice a problem, the roller should be repaired or replaced.

Clean Conveyors Daily

At the end of each shift or day, the conveyor system should be inspected and cleaned. Debris, grime, and other materials may collect on the heavy duty conveyor rollers or beneath the system through normal operations. If this debris isn’t removed periodically, it can interfere with the efficient operation of the conveyor system.

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