How to Choose a Good Senior Care Facility For Your Parent in St. Louis

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As your parent gets older and begins to experience a decline in their physical or mental health, it will be time to consider your options for senior care in St. Louis, MO. You should be prepared for this eventuality by choosing an assisted living facility ahead of time. Since each facility is different, it’s important to choose a place that will provide the best care for your parent. These tips can help you.

Examine the Facility’s Condition

An assisted living facility that’s in a state of disrepair is unlikely to spend much of their time or resources on providing quality care. Look for missing or broken door handles, light switch covers, and hand rails. You should also watch for water stains and other signs of electrical or plumbing problems.

Arrive at Meal Time

You should try to coincide your tour of the facility with the lunch or dinner hour. This will give you the opportunity to evaluate the types of foods the facility feeds their residents. Each meal should consist of fruits and vegetables along with a small portion of fish, poultry, or lean red meat. Clean drinking water should be readily available.

Observe Staff Interactions

As you tour any facility for senior care in St. Louis, MO, evaluate how the staff interacts with the residents. The staff shouldn’t seem rushed or temperamental. Residents should generally seem cheerful or calm in the presence of staff members. If the residents seem nervous or afraid when someone on the staff approaches, you should take that as a cause for concern.

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