How To Choose A Keyless Entry Security System

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Today, with this new technology, there are different kinds of key locks. Therefore, people usually find it hard to select the one that will serve them perfectly. If you are in this category, you have come to the right place. Here’s a guide on what to look at before choosing a keyless entry security system.

Security needs

Are you choosing a key entry security system for your home or work? If you are selecting one for home, you might want to choose one that makes you feel at home and not at work. For work, you will need to see the frequency in which it’s used and whether it will be for an exterior or interior lock.

Mechanical or electronic lock?

For electrical locks, you will need to be charged and are usually preferred for industrial work. On the other hand, mechanical locks are usually used at home because they allow only one user code at a time. Therefore, if you require a lock for multiple user codes, you can choose the electrical lock.

Do you need remote access control?

Having a remote for unlocking and locking your door is essential. Choose a key entry lock that will give you this advantage.

Two best key entry security systems in 2021

SCHLAGE Z- Wave Camelot Deadbolt

This lock is the best one for smart homes. It is compatible with home automation systems and also has a fingerprint-resistant touch screen. Additionally, you can use voice commands or use a remote to unlock the door.


This is the best for industry places because it has millions of possible code choices. It contains three operation modes, access, lockout, and passage. The KABA E-PLEX can be used at any door, whether woody or metallic. Additionally, it has a three-year manufacturer warranty and is perfect for exterior and interior doors.

Ensure that your San Antonio, TX workplace or home is safe by purchasing a keyless entry security system that will do it for you.


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