How to Learn How to Marcel Hair and Become an Expert in Oak Park, IL

by | Jul 12, 2021 | Health

Hairstyles are constantly changing because of the latest trends. During the 1980s, waves and Jheri curls were popular among women. Currently, many women are wearing lace front wigs. If you want to become a hairstylist, then you should start looking for an affordable cosmetology school near Oak Park. Read on to find out how to become a marcel wave hair expert.

What is Marcelling?

Marcelling was a popular hairstyle for women in the 1920’s, which was often worn in conjunction with a bob haircut. It is similar to the finger wave but uses a different technique. This technique uses hot curling tongs to create a wave pattern in the hair.

Get Training

Every expert starts as a student of the game. You will need to complete an affordable cosmetology school near oak park and gain experience. Most states require cosmetologists to complete a cosmetology program and to become licensed to practice in that state.

What Do You Learn?

You will learn a variety of things that will help you with your career as a cosmetologist. The school will teach you about the professional responsibility and legal ethics of this profession. You also will learn how to cut hair, color hair, marcelling and other instructions in hair styling.

Hairstyles are always coming back because of the changes in trends. However, you can put your twist on marcelling and attract the attention of the public. First, you must go through training and learn the different techniques. Contact Ms. Roberts Beauty Academy at to sign up for cosmetology school today.

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