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How to Perform Basic Gutter Cleaning in Tacoma

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Gutters are one of the most important elements of a residential roofing system. Unfortunately, these narrow channels are also one of the most ignored parts of a roof. Since gutters are responsible for directing rainwater away from a roof and foundation of a home, it’s essential to ensure that they are cleaned regularly. The following guidelines can assist with this task.

Safety is the number one priority for gutter cleaning in Tacoma. This gutter work can be done from a ladder or ladder system. Any ladder used should be placed on a flat, dry surface like the driveway. It’s necessary to test the rungs and rails on a ladder before using it. The locking mechanism on a ladder should be firmly in place before climbing on it. Only perform gutter work when the weather is dry and there is plenty of sunlight. Also, wear slip-resistant shoes to prevent falling off the ladder. It’s ideal to have another person hold the ladder in place when cleaning gutters.

To perform gutter cleaning in Tacoma, start in the area farthest from the downspouts. Using a scoop, remove all materials from the gutters. This includes debris, leaves, and toys. Animals can hoard food in gutters. This should be removed as well. Put all this debris in a pail attached to the ladder until it can be carried away from the gutters. Empty this pail in a place that won’t prevent proper water drainage.

After clearing out gutters, check the downspouts. All blockages should be removed by pushing a long pole through the downspouts. Next, use a garden hose to rinse the gutters. The stream of water should be strong enough to remove any remaining materials but slow enough to keep damage from occurring. Any material that accumulates at the bottom of the downspouts should be moved to another location to facilitate correct water drainage.

By performing these steps, a homeowner can prevent deterioration, or even ruin, of his gutters. Clean gutters can also keep roof damage and foundation damage from occurring.

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