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How to Recover from Wisdom Teeth Removal

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As with any procedure that is invasive, Wisdom Teeth Removal in Bloomingdale will require a recovery period. You should plan to take a day or two off work following your procedure and should be prepared to follow your practitioner’s aftercare instructions completely. Because this is a common surgery, you can count on your recovery period being low-key and without any high risks of side effects.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Bloomingdale is typically done to remove one, two or all four wisdom teeth if they are causing pain or other issues in the mouth. This is particularly necessary if any of the teeth are impacted or are pressing on other nearby teeth. Removal can be done with local anesthetic alone or with IV sedation and local anesthetic if your practitioner expects the procedure to be in-depth. If you have IV sedation, you should plan to have someone available to drive you to and from your appointment.

Once you are home following your appointment, you will want to take the first day to rest. You will need to rest your mouth by only eating very soft foods but should be sure to stay hydrated as well. Your practitioner will most likely give you a prescription for a medication to control pain or may recommend an over-the-counter option instead. You may notice that you have some discomfort and swelling at the affected spots for up to two weeks. However, after two to three days, swelling of your cheeks should go down, and your appearance should be pretty much back to normal.

For Wisdom Teeth Removal in Bloomingdale, count on Pure Dental Spa at for complete care before, during and after your appointment. We will ensure that you are comfortable and worry-free throughout your time.

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