How to Utilize Anesthesia Practice Management

by | Jan 10, 2019 | Health

The use of anesthesia is commonplace in today’s medical fields. While many of us have needed anesthesia for a procedure or surgery, the management of its use is important in keeping on top of patient medical records, for billing and most of all, for keeping your bottom line profitable.

The Power of Anesthesia Practice Management in Your Hand

Today’s technology takes the uncertainty out of patient documentation. The power of anesthesia practice management is now easily accessed for all patients within a ward or treatment area in a handheld device. The ease of knowing which patient receives how much anesthesia, when they are expected to awaken from it, the combination of anesthesia medications and their respective dosages, management of the patient IV fluids, the tracking of it through surgery and the doctor connected to that patient are all in your hands.

Critical Care Patient Services

Critical care patients need constant monitoring with up-to-date information that can be relayed to the entire patient care team. Anesthesia practice management in real time helps keep everyone informed on patient care.

Pharmaceutical Anesthesia Integration

Combining the pharmaceutical needs of a patient into the anesthesia practice management system is easy. You can dispense medications and they will automatically be added to the patient anesthesia record. All clinicians will be reminded controlled substances are properly documented. The integration interface puts various departments in the loop on patient care. This centralized system helps manage inventory and account for waste.

Health Care Reviews

Highly-rated positive KLAS reviews for AIMS, or anesthesia information management systems, brings the next generation of anesthesia practice management as a leading technology resource for hospitals, medical and surgery centers, as well as for long-term patient care facilities with handheld device.

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