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Reasons to obtain professional residential land surveys

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Residential land surveys are an important part of finding out the lay of the land prior to construction. There are many different reasons to obtain a residential land survey including the fact that it may even be required when closing on a new home. Whether a property is being transferred or new construction is taking place, the right residential land survey process can make all of the difference.

Reasons to perform residential land surveys

Confirm property boundaries

There are many potential reasons to perform residential land surveys including confirming property boundaries. In the event that a homeowner is building a new structure on their land, it will be vital to know exactly where the property boundaries are so that they can build within the constraints of their property.

Utility companies

An additional reason to perform residential land surveys is to make sure that utility companies have not overstepped the property boundary and mistakenly buried a utility line in the wrong area. This could pose a wide range of issues later on down the line, so finding out early on can allow enough time to remedy the situation.

Advanced surveying techniques

Residential land surveys are performed using more advanced land surveying equipment and methods. As time goes on, surveyors have found increasingly more effective tools that can be utilized to perform accurate and efficient land surveying methods. One of these methods is 3D laser scanning and imaging. Your land surveyor will do everything possible to make sure that your land survey is completed successfully.

With a residential survey, you will have comprehensive data and the insight you need to make positive decisions about any land transaction or construction project. It is essential to take the time to hire a competent, experienced, and professional land survey expert who can provide you with the high-quality land surveying results you can depend on.


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