How You Can Benefit From Using a Direct Drive Blower in Brooklyn, NY

by | Jan 6, 2021 | Air Distribution

A furnace blower is a very important piece of equipment. This unit is responsible for pushing air through the furnace. This air is then circulated throughout your home by the heating ducts. There are actually a couple different types of blowers. You can choose from direct drive blowers, or belt drive models. Learn why it is more advantageous to use a direct drive model.

The Parts of a Blower

There are three main components that make up the mechanism of a blower. First, is the frame of the unit. Next, you’ll notice the blower wheel. Finally, there is a motor that powers the unit. As stated above, there are two options for transferring power to the wheel: a belt drive or direct drive. There are a couple of distinctions that make the direct drive model more preferable.

Why You Should Choose the Direct Drive Type

The main benefit to a direct drive blower is that it doesn’t rely on a belt system. This means you don’t have to deal with tightening or replacing a belt. Also, the motor is mounted inside the unit itself. This helps you save a lot of precious installation space. Additionally, belt drive fans are easier to maintain. There are less parts to break and repairs are a lot easier to perform.

In conclusion, you should be thinking about a direct drive fan for your next purchase. You’ll appreciate the efficiency and savings offered by these units. It should be the easiest decision you ever make.

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