Is a Debt Consolidation Loan a Good Idea?

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Business, Financial Services

If you are snowed under with loan payments, you might think the only solution is bankruptcy. However, you may have options you did not consider. Your debt consultants at 4 Pillars in Victoria can show you things like debt consolidation loans and show you how they work. Here are some good reasons to consider this strategy for loan repayment.

How Does Loan Consolidation Work?

Suppose you have several credit cards and an unsecured loan payment each month. Debt consultants like 4 Pillars in Victoria show you how to take these loans and add up everything you owe. You then take out a loan for this amount and start making payments. Most people can cut their monthly expenses with this option. For example, you might have to pay out $800 a month in debt, and with consolidation, you might make one payment of $500 or less.

One Payment

It is sometimes hard to keep track of several loan payments, especially if they have different due dates. When you consolidate loans, you only have one payment to worry about. This can make your life easier.

Pay Off Debts

With some charge cards, you might pay for 30 years if you only make the minimal payment. With a sound debt consolidation plan, you can pay your debts off within a few years Once you pay off these debts, you may avoid problems with credit in the future and have more money for buying a new car or perhaps the home of your dreams.

More Money Each Month

You might lower your total monthly payments by hundreds of dollars. This can make a huge difference in a family household budget. You may want to go out to dinner occasionally or see a movie. With debt consolidation and help from debt consultants like 4 Pillars in Victoria, this is possible.

If you would like to learn more about debt consolidation or relief, come to 4 Pillars Consulting Group in Victoria. For a free consultation on your debt situation, visit us on the Web today at

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