The Cost Savings Possible With Bakersfield Solar Panel Installations

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Home Improvement Services

The costs of electrical power in Bakersfield continue to rise, and homeowners should not expect a change in the trend. Hotter summers in the area also mean additional energy use for home cooling and air conditioning systems, which adds to the increase many homes see on the bill on an annual basis.

A simple solution to this problem for any homeowner in the Bakersfield area is to talk to a home improvement company about solar panel installation. A top company in the area offering this service, as well as other home improvement services, is Northwest Exteriors.

Generating Power

The most obvious type of cost savings after solar panel installation is the ability to generate your electrical power. The new systems are extremely lightweight and require much less roof space than the systems of even a few years ago.

Depending on the size of the home and the specifics of the roof configuration, it is not impossible to fully power your home once the solar panel installation is completed. Always talk to the experts as they can provide a very clear picture of the amount of energy the panels will generate and the percentage of your home it can power.

Rebates and Funding

As the State of California is still providing a good range of rebates and funding options for homeowners. While this does change between years, the information is readily available through any solar panel service. These companies can also provide all necessary documentation, which is always important when applying for the incentives.

There is also a federal solar tax credit. This falls under the Investment Tax Credit or ITC, and it is available until 2021. This allows each Bakersfield homeowner to have a thirty percent discount, which is in addition to the benefits California offers as a state.

If you are a homeowner in Bakersfield, opting into solar panel installation can save you money now as well as in the future. To find out more, see us online at

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