Is It Time to Think About Investing in a New Residential Roof?

by | Dec 24, 2018 | Construction & Contractors

While most residential roofs are designed to hold up well for years, the day will come when you need to think about a full roof replacement. Has that day arrived? If any of these three situations apply, then you do need to talk with a contractor about new roofing in Evanston IL.

Recent Storm Damage

You can tell there’s been some damage to the roof after a storm. The thing is that you can’t really tell how much damage was done. The only way to be sure is to arrange for a full roof inspection. That means checking the underside of the roof as well as the top side.

Depending on how much damage is done, the contractor may recommend that you start looking at new roofing in Evanston IL. Doing so will protect the framework of your home and could even help prevent drainage issues that would eventually cause problems for the foundation.

The Roof Needs Repairs Constantly

It seems as if the current roof needs another patch every few months. The cost of upkeep is getting to be more than you consider reasonable. It’s probably time to retire that old roof rather than keep spending money on repairs. A contractor can help you select materials that will protect the home, last for decades, and certainly reduce the amount of money you spend on repairs.

You’re Thinking of Selling the Property

While you plan on remaining in the house for a few more years, now is the time to do a few things that will increase the market value of the place. That includes looking into new roofing in Evanston IL. Buyers will appreciate a roof that will obviously hold up well for a couple of decades or more. In fact, installing a new roof could be the difference between getting your asking price and having to settle for a lower one.

Before you make any decisions about a new residential roof, contact the team at Showalter Roofing Service and arrange for a professional to inspect the roof. Visit website to get an idea of the options you have for roofing materials and styles. With help from our team, you’ll be able to determine if a new roof makes sense and what kind of roof would be best for your home.

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