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Is the Location Factor Important When Looking for Student Housing at UIUC?

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The majority of first-year students do go straight to university halls/dorms. This is because they are ideal places to start making friends and get familiar with college life. However, as students become sophomores, most of them would prefer off-campus housing. Reason!? Off-campus student housing in UIUC is cheaper and full of privacy and independence.

However, even as students make the decision to reside outside the campus, there is one critical factor that can’t be ignored, and that’s location. To realize the full benefits of off-campus accommodation, you should consider apartments in close proximity to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).

Living in close proximity to campus gives you easy access to classes and libraries as compared to when you live far away. Additionally, living close to campus reduces your commute. Since everything will be within walking distance, you won’t need a car. Instead, the money you would otherwise use for fueling and parking can be channeled to other uses.

The other important reason to consider the location for your student accommodation is social interaction. Most apartments near UIUC are designed to suit students’ lifestyles. Therefore, if you consider these locations for your stay, you’ll experience countless opportunities to meet new people, socialize and create a long-lasting relationship.

If you are in need of student housing at UIUC, then The Village at Colbert Park will be here to answer your call. We offer top-quality student housing that’s conveniently located to better your student’s experience. Contact us today, or visit The Village at Colbert Park at to make an inquiry.

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