Items That Are Secure in a Home Safe in Floral Park NY

by | Nov 7, 2019 | Security

When men and women hear recommendations to buy a Safe in Floral Park NY, they may wonder if having one really is necessary. Do they own enough valuable items that a safe would be a good investment? Could they keep important papers there instead of in a safe deposit box at the bank? What kinds of belongings should be kept in a safe? The answers to these questions relate to the two important characteristics of a Safe in Floral Park NY: fireproof qualities and security.


Important documents can indeed be kept in a home safe that is fireproof. Examples of these include birth certificates, marriage licenses, vehicle and property titles, passports and Social Security cards. Life insurance policies and wills should be placed in the safe. Paperwork connected with financial instruments also can be kept in the safe. Examples include U.S. savings bonds, certificates of deposit and money market account books.

Many people carry Social Security cards in a wallet because of the small size, but that is inadvisable because a wallet can be lost or stolen. Another common error is to store the car title in the glove box. That makes stealing the vehicle very easy, since the thief now has both the car and the document verifying ownership.

Invoices for expensive possessions, like a large flat-screen TV or top-of-the-line computer, should be stored there too. If these items are ever stolen, the home insurance company will require proof that the policyholder owned them.


A spare hard drive, CDs, memory cards and other devices containing personal photos and documents also can be stored in the safe. So can older belongings such as personal videotapes and negatives from film photos.

Cash and Jewelry

People who like to keep a large amount of cash at home will benefit from buying a safe from a company like Able Lock Shop. They should keep any valuable jewelry that they don’t wear regularly in the safe. If a burglar ever does break into the home, it will be extremely difficult or impossible to steal those items. To learn about safes available from this company, consumers may visit us You can also follow them on Twitter.

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