Keep Your Equipment Compliant with Fire Extinguisher Inspection in Ottumwa

by | Dec 1, 2021 | Fire Protection Service

Many companies keep a fire extinguisher on hand to put out any small fires that may occur to prevent them from spreading. When you have a fire extinguisher on your premises, you need to be sure you complete the proper fire extinguisher inspections in Ottumwa. Whether it’s your monthly visual inspection or annual professional inspection, you need to make sure your equipment is ready to go if the need arises.

Check for Damages

Even if you don’t use your fire extinguisher, it could suffer from damage if something bumps into it or it falls from its mount. A monthly visual inspection can indicate if your fire extinguisher experienced any of these damages. If you notice anything amiss with your equipment after a fire extinguisher inspection in Ottumwa, it’s essential to contact a fire protection company to evaluate your fire extinguisher and ensure it’s in good operating condition. They can often provide the necessary repairs or recommend replacement if necessary.

Evaluate Its Function

While you don’t need an extensive fire extinguisher inspection in Ottumwa frequently, it’s still essential to understand when these inspections are required. In general, if you haven’t used your fire extinguisher in 12 years, it’s time for hydrotesting. This form of inspection uses high-pressure water to evaluate the condition of the fire extinguisher and its ability to function. This testing can identify weaknesses or cracks in the tank, showing you whether you need to replace it or if you can continue to rely on it to put out a fire.

If you need to schedule a fire extinguisher inspection in Ottumwa, contact the business name for more information.

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