Kiosk POS Solutions

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As POS systems grow increasingly sophisticated, marketing opportunities grow with it. Individualized service and more personalized experiences are important for a growing business because it increases efficiency and customer satisfaction.

A kiosk POS can easily integrate with other software solutions to provide instant ordering, instant delivery or instant service.

ARBA Retail Systems is a leader in point of sale systems. Their Kiosk POS solution integrates with the ARBA POS solutions to provide a complete turnkey system. The software can track everything you need to efficiently run a small business.


Self-service kiosks offer many business owners the ability for their customers to self-checkout easily using Kiosk POS. Customers who use self-checkouts like it because they perceive they are moving faster through the system.


Customers who use the Kiosk POS can quickly place an order and pay for menu items. This reduces errors from someone else taking the order and entering it into the system. The customer simply enters it directly with no errors. This service reduces the amount of time a customer stands in line waiting to order and increase in-store productivity.

A Kiosk POS is user-friendly and designed knowing that customers of all technology levels will be placing orders. Large fonts and large pictures help guide the customers with their order making customer satisfaction much higher.

Better Customer Service

Improved customer service is a benefit of self-service kiosks. Customers do not wait long to place their orders on the kiosk which allows for their orders to arrive faster.

The benefits of a Kiosk POS are not just shorter lines but quicker processing time and better management of customers and staff. Your employees now have time to focus on food preparation, delivery, and customer service. The result is a well-organized store with attentive staff and customers who feel they had a great experience.

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