Locating the Right School: Massage Therapy Training

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Massage therapy training requires an investment of time, energy and finances. Finding the right school lays the foundation for success. Each educational institute has a character all its own; an environment created by its mission, the staff who embody and carry out that mission, and the students whose goals align with the mission.

The nature of a school is palpable to prospective learners when they initially take a tour of facilities, meet instructors, administrative staff, students, and witness programs in action. Through the impressions gathered, the visitor develops a sense of the quality of instruction, social environment and hands-on training. On-line research into additional program detail rounds out the picture, helping the student decide whether this is the Massage Therapy Training

The mission of the Central  School of Massage (CMSM) is to offer “holistic education that honors scientific and intuitive approaches to healing; creating a culture that invites exquisite care of self and others.” The active fulfillment of this mission is evident from first contact with the school.

CMSM is dedicated to helping students explore their educational environment and assess options. Tours of the beautiful facilities and vibrant classrooms include opportunities to talk with instructors, current students and witness learning in action.

Full and part time programs allow students to choose the schedule that best fits their lifestyle. And the admissions staff offers individual attention in navigating the application process as well as evaluating financial assistance.

Massage Therapy Training: Gateway to a World of Healing and Opportunity

Massage training combines the power of therapeutic touch, the satisfaction of helping others, and the delight of a profession that truly fits you. The healing power of massage makes a constructive difference in quality of life, and students experience that first-hand. Over the course of learning, they receive daily bodywork and change in positive and often profound ways.

This healing journey offers experience with the full scope of massage modalities and techniques designed to bring the body back into balance. As students apply new skills which transform pain and suffering, they begin to imagine sharing that miracle through meaningful employment.

Those drawn into this vocation by a desire to make a positive contribution to the lives of others find their tribe at CMSM. Staff and students work together to create a significant difference in the world, one massage, one life at a time.

A world of opportunity to make that difference awaits each graduate of Central  School of Massage. Students are supported in every step toward a rewarding career within the diverse range of employment available for LMTs: sole proprietors of their own business, collaborating with other therapists in group practice, working at hospitals, wellness centers, health and fitness clubs, spas, resorts, and even on board cruise ships.

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