Looking for Egg Donors in Bergen County?

by | Apr 29, 2022 | Health

Many of us take something like childbirth for granted. The fortunate among us assume it is simple and can be done at any time. But for some women, their bodies have lost the ability to produce the eggs necessary to get pregnant in the first place.

When that happens, you may need to look into egg donors in Bergen County. The process of utilizing donor eggs has helped more couples have children that would have otherwise had no recourse.

Finding a Donor

If you or someone you know is looking for egg donors in Bergen County, there are a number of things to try. For starters, most prefer anonymous donations where all parties involved are kept completely confidential.

But there are also directed egg donations, where the donor is someone known to the recipient. In either event, it can mean viable eggs for someone who may have otherwise struggled or been unable to conceive.

After Selection

When the donor has been selected, there is the egg retrieval and transfer processes. These must be synchronized so the recipient is ready to receive embryos. There are some hormones that need to be taken, like estrogen and progesterone, prior to the transfer.

In the end, donor eggs give women who are unable to conceive the potential to have families of their own. The process is a lot easier than it sounds, and it starts with a call to your local donation center today.

Advanced medical technologies at the Fertility Institute of NJ & NY can help turn this dream into a reality.


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