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Make the Smart Move and Hire a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Salinas

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Bankruptcy is a legal process that is doable without hiring an attorney, but that’s not the wisest decision one wants to make when it comes to their financial future. Often, people forgo hiring legal representation because they want to money on legal fees. However, it’s better to pay legal fees than risk a failed bankruptcy attempts. Here are some reasons why hiring a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in Salinas is the best decision to get back on solid financial ground.

Lawyers Offer Alternatives

People who are in debt frequently think bankruptcy is their only option. Often, there are alternative solutions to bankruptcy that aren’t nearly as damaging to one’s credit. While bankruptcy might turn out to be the best option, speaking with an attorney helps one figure out what makes sense for their situation. Lawyers also help their clients decide which type of bankruptcy is better for their financial situation.

File the Right Paperwork

There is a lot of paperwork involved with bankruptcy proceedings. The financial data the court needs consists of income and expense reports, asset information, recent financial transactions, and much more. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of information and paperwork necessary to file successfully for bankruptcy. Hiring an attorney ensures every piece of paperwork is submitted correctly to the court on time.

Post-discharge Bankruptcy Violations

Following a successful bankruptcy, creditors must cease collection action. In rare cases, this doesn’t happen, and legal action might be needed.

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