Make Your Child’s Room a Bit More Personal With a Few Customization Ideas

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If you want to add a personal touch to your child’s room, consider customizing some of the furniture. Here are some ideas that can bring a bit of character to everything from a bed to a small chair in the corner.


An easy way to create custom kids furniture is by painting the pieces in the room that you want to change. You could use favorite color that your child has or colors of a favorite sports team. A benefit of using paint is that you can easily remove it or paint over it in the future if your child wants a different color.


There are numerous ways that you can create custom kids furniture with letters. You could put a large initial on your child’s bed frame or on the wall above the bed. Another option would be to put initials or your child’s first name on a desk. You could also paint your child’s name on a wall.


You can never have too much storage in your child’s room. If you don’t have a lot of closet space, then consider putting storage containers underneath your child’s bed that are decorated with favorite characters or colors. You could also put a dresser underneath a loft bed so that there is a surface for your child to do homework. Bookcases can also be added in various areas of your child’s room and can be customized with stickers or paintings of favorite book characters so that your child doesn’t leave books on the floor.

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