Pass a Health Inspection by Eliminating the Rodents in Your Restaurant

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Pest Control Service

When you are a restaurant owner or manager, you must have a clean kitchen, eating area and storage rooms. When health inspectors visit your restaurant, they look for the signs of rodent infestations such as fur or droppings, and if there are mice or rats in your restaurant, then they will close your business until the problem is repaired. The health code officer will place a large sign on the door about the rodent problem, and the news of your business’s closure will travel quickly to everyone. After your restaurant has a damaged reputation, it is difficult to recover, and this can lead to a business that closes permanently.

You Need to Understand the Signs of a Rodent Infestation

An exterminator for restaurants understands where to look for the most common signs of rodents to eliminate the vermin right away. Rodents can chew through walls to enter a restaurant, but the animals will also chew on a building’s plumbing fixtures and electrical wires. The rodents will leave marks such as urine stains or grease spots on surfaces. When there is an inspection in the food storage areas, you may find boxes or bags that have been chewed through to reach the contents.

Call Us to Arrange Pest Control in Your Restaurant

The exterminator for restaurants will discuss a pest control treatment plan with you that will include capturing the rodents in humane steel traps. You cannot have dangerous chemical bait systems anywhere in the restaurant due to the potential problems from accidental poisoning incidents.

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