Piercings Tips: Finding the Right Nose Ring For You Made Simple

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You love nose rings and the way they look on your friend or favorite online celebrity, but you’re not sure if this will work for you.

The truth is that this type of body jewelry is for anyone. No matter what kind of nose you have, you’re going to look great with a nose ring. The only thing you have to worry about is which nose ring style you’re going for. There are several options, so you have to choose something that suits you.

Finding Something That Works for You

You need to check out the various nose rings out there, like the nose hoop, the nose captive bead ring, the horseshoe barbell, and the straight barbell, just to name a few. Try to choose something that fits you.

Consider your nose shape. If your nose is above average size, you want to go for a statement nose ring, something big. If you choose something too small, this could make your nose appear larger than it is.

If you have a smaller nose, then a small nose ring will be fine though a large one could make your piece feel more dramatic, so this is more your call.

Try to choose a nose ring that suits your aesthetic. If you like to wear grunge-like pieces, then that’s the kind of nose ring you want. It’s about choosing something that speaks to you, so try to be honest with yourself when you start browsing. You should find the perfect piece with a little time.

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