Poly Roller Cover

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The polyurethane paint roller is a perfect tool for the majority of painting projects. While, paint rollers vary in their density, nap, composition, and most ideal application, polyurethane paint rollers have a strong track record of effectively applying semi-gloss or gloss paints while leaving no stipple or lint behind. The poly roller cover we offer at Pro Roller Company features an environmentally friendly design and a disposable applicator. This poly roller is the ideal tool for achieving uniform coverage on a smooth surface.

Our Poly Paint Roller Cover
The poly roller we offer consists of urethane foam and is the perfect roller for applying enamel, oil paints, latex, stain and varnish that covers properly, smoothing out the paint with fewer strokes applied, eliminating loose bristles left behind and brush marks.

It is a throw away applicator enabling less splatter and optimum surface coverage. The poly paint roller cover is ideal for woodwork, sash, floors, walls, ceilings and furniture. But it is not recommended for use with lacquer or shellac.

Our polyurethane paint rollers works exceptionally well with paint, epoxy, and varnish and is wear resistant, allowing for effective painting in challenging environments. The surfaces of our poly paint rollers do not tear, cut, or mar with their exceptional resilience and ability to resist abrasion and cutting.

Get the Poly Roller Cover
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