Why Using a Lambswool Paint Roller Is the Best Idea for the Job

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Roller

Professional painters strongly prefer using paint rollers that have covers made from lambswool. There are many reasons why this is so, from personal preference all the way to technical aspects. Here are just a few of the reasons why a lambswool applicator may be just the tool that you need for the job.

Paint Release

In regards to the smooth release of the product, lambswool stands head and shoulders above the competition. Coverings made from other materials simply cannot match up. When compared to synthetic materials, top-shelf lambswool has been shown to apply paint up to 30% faster.

More Durable

Lambswool is far more durable than synthetic fibers. Since lambswool is natural, it is woven in a tighter fashion than synthetic fibers are capable of being woven. This means that the wool will not fall out after repeated use like synthetic material is prone to do.


Many professional painters prefer a lambswool applicator because it is naturally thicker than other materials. It is often chosen to paint on uneven surfaces because its plushness allows it to get into the crevices and dips that sometimes are present on the wall or ceiling.


Lambswool is able to be used with different types of paint, whether it be acrylic, oil, emulsion, or any other kind of paint. This makes it a great standby if you are unsure what type of paint you’ll be using on the job. Make sure that the company you purchase the lambswool roller from has a reputation for providing a quality product.

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