Practical Covered Pergola Ideas in Chicago

by | Sep 27, 2022 | Deck Builder

Incorporating a pergola in your yard is not only a beautiful decorative feature but a great way to add some necessary selective shade. There are many great covered pergola ideas in Chicago that you can use to add a stylish touch. These are sure to look great and function well for many years.

Pergola Uses

When you place a pergola in your yard, you are actually adding an outdoor garden element. Plants can grow alongside the fixture or even across it to create a wonderful and decorative way to display your landscaping. At the same time, an attractive pergola also provides shade. It is a great alternative to planting an abundance of trees.

Ways to Customize

While there are plenty of pergola shade cover ideas, there are still ways you can customize them. Every home has a style component, so extending this to your outdoor area makes sense. You can paint it or keep it more natural. The plants you choose for the pergola also serve as a way to transform the look of it. You can alter this seasonally to fit with each aesthetic.

You can look at inspiration photos of covered pergola ideas in Chicago to think about what you would like for your yard. This can bring an abundance of ideas and set your plan into action. Choosing a pergola is a great way to make the area even more beautiful and also adds an element of practicality because of its shaded area.

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